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Prof. Jak Yakar

Professor of Anatolian Archaeology and Near Eastern Cultures


1960-1965 B.A. Istanbul University, Turkey
1965-1966 M.A. Brandeis University Mediterranean Studies (Arch. History & Near Eastern Languages)
1966-1968 Ph.D. Brandeis University

Archaeological Field Work

1963 Field Assistant, Catal Hoyuk Excavations, Konya-Turkey
1971 Assistant Area Supervisor, Beer-Sheba Excavations
1972-73 Field survey in northern Turkey, Istanbul University-Samsun Expedition
1974-75 Co-Field Director, Ikiztepe Excavations, Istanbul University-Samsun Expedition
1975 Co-Field Director, Archaeological survey in the Carsamba Plain, Istanbul University-Samsun Expedition
1976 Ethnoarchaeological research in southeastern Turkey
1977 Archaeological field survey in eastern Turkey (Sivas-Gemerek-Malatya)
1980 Archaeological investigations in the Aegean Basin (Lemnos, Lesbos, Chios, Kos)
1981 Ethnoarchaeological research in southeastern Turkey
1982 Director, Tel Kinrot Excavations, Tel Aviv University
1983 Director, Tel Kinrot Excavations, Tel Aviv University
1985 Archaeological research in eastern and southeastern Turkey
1986 Archaeological and ethnoarchaeological investigations in northeastern and eastern Turkey
1987 Archaeological research in Greek Macedonia and Thrace
1989-90 Archaeological research in southwestern Turkey and the Lake District
1993-97 Ethnoarchaeological field research in Turkey
1998-2002 Field research in archaeology and Hittite political geography
2003- Field research in prehistoric archaeology and ethnography

Current Projects

Ethnoarchaeological Investigations in Turkey

Selected Publications


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