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Doctoral Students and Their Dissertations

Uzi Ad  

Settlement in the South Coastal Plain ("Philistia") during the Persian and the Hellenistic Periods (second half of the sixth century - middle of the second century BCE).
Supervisor: Prof. Moshe Fischer

Eran Arie "In the Land of the Valley": Settlement, Social and Cultural Processes in the Jesreel Valley from the End of the Late Bronze Age to the Formation of the Monarchy.
Supervisor: Prof. Israel Finkelstein
Shirly Ben-Dor Evian  

Egypt and Philistia in the early Iron Age: The Historical Record and the Archaeological Remains.
Supervisors: Prof. Israel Finkelstein and Dr. Debora Sweeny

Amir Gorzalczany  

Industry and Urban planning in the City of Ramla and the Surroundings: Economy and Technology in Palestine during the Early slamic Period (ca 634 - 1099 CE).
Supervisors: Prof. Yuval Goren, Prof. Moshe Fischer and Prof. Amikam El'ad

Ido Koch

The Judean Lowlands as an Interfacing Zone Between the Hill Country and the Coastal Plain: Geo-Political, Cultural and Demographic Processes during the Iron Age.
Supervisors: Prof. Nadav Na'aman and Prof. Oded Lipschits

Roy Liran 'Homeward Bound': Changing Dwelling Ecologies in The Transition From Paleoithic Hunter Gatherers to Neolithic Productionists in the Northern Jordan Valley.
Supervisor: Dr. Ran Barkay
Omer Sergi The Formation of the Kingdom of Judah in the Nineth Century BCE and Its Reflections in Biblical Historiography.
Supervisor: Prof. Oded Lipschits
Yuval Shoham The Chariot of The Great King: A Study of Intercultural Correlations.
Supervisor: Prof. Ran Zadok and Prof. Michael Roaf
Boaz Stavi A Historical Reappraisal of the Reigns of Tudhaliya ?? and Suppiluliuma ?.
Supervisor: Prof. Nadav Na'aman and Prof. Israel Finkelstein

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