Professor Benjamin Neuberger


Place and Date of Birth

Haifa, Israel; December 26, 1943.



B.A. Economics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem 1967.

B.A. Political Science, Hebrew University, Jerusalem 1969.

M.A. African Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem 1969.

Ph.D. Political Science, Columbia University, New York, 1975.


Current Positions

Professor of Political Science, The Open University of Israel.

Professor of African Studies, Tel Aviv University (part time).

Research Fellow, Truman Institute for Peace, Hebrew University.

Research Fellow, Floersheimer Institute, Jerusalem.


Visiting Positions


Department of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania.


Department of Political Science, Haverford College (part time).


Department of Political Science, University of Cape Town.



Hebrew, English, German, French


Courses Taught

Political Science - General
1. Political Sociology
2. Political Change
3. Basic Problems in Modern Democratic Politics
4. Nationalism - Ideology and Politics
5. Ethnicity, National Integration and Separatism
6. Introduction to International Relations
7. Introduction to Political Philosophy
8. Comparative Politics

African Politics
1. Anticolonial Nationalism in Africa
2. Ethnic Politics and Separatism in Postcolonial Africa
3. Political Change in Africa
4. Postcolonial Politics in Africa
5. Africa in International Relations

Israeli Politics
1. Government and Politics in Israel
2. Israel’s Foreign Relations

Fields of Interest
1. Africa
2. Nationalism/Ethnic Politics/Separatism
3. Religion and Politics
4. Comparative Politics
5. Democratic Theory
6. Israeli Politics



Books and Monographs

1. The Ethnic Problem in Africa and the Wars of Katanga and Biafra (Tel Aviv, The Open University, 1980 [Hebrew].

2. Government and Succession in Black Africa (Tel Aviv, The Open University, 1980) [Hebrew].

3. Involvement, Invasion and Withdrawal: Quadhafi’s Libya and Chad (Tel Aviv, Shiloah Center, 1982).

4. National Self-Determination in Postcolonial Africa (Boulder, Lynne Rienner, 1986).

5. State, Religion and Politics in Israel (Tel Aviv, The Open University, 1994) [Hebrew].

6. Religion and Democracy in Israel (Jerusalem, The Floersheimer Institute for Policy Studies, 1997).

7. Political Parties in Israel (Tel Aviv, The Open University, 1997 [Hebrew].

8. Anticolonial Nationalism in Africa - The Ideological Dimension (Tel Aviv, The Open University, 1997) [with E. Keren] [Hebrew].

9. The Arab Minority in Israeli Politics - Alienation and Integration (Tel Aviv, The Open University 1998) [Hebrew].

10. Democracy in Israel (Tel Aviv, The Open University, 1998) [Hebrew].

Chapters in Books and Articles

1. “The Concept of Balkanization” Journal of Modern Africa Studies (Cambridge) Vol. 8 No. 3 (September 1976) pp. 523-529.

2. “Early African Nationalism, Judaism and Zionism: E. W. Blyden” Jewish Social Studies Vol. XLVII No. 2 (September 1985) pp. 151-165.

3. “Nationalisms Compared: ANC, PLO, IRA” in H. Gilomee (ed.) The Elusive Search for Peace: South Africa, Israel and Northern Ireland (Oxford University Press, 1990) pp. 54-77.

4. “Irredentism and Politics in Africa” in N. Chasan (ed.) Irredentism in International Politics (Boulder, Lynne Rienner, 1991) pp. 97-100.

5. “The withdrawal ‘South of Suez’ - Great Britain and Postcolonial Africa” Asian and African Studies Vol. 26, No. 2 (July 1992) pp. 95-100.

6. “State and Nation in African Thought” in J. Hutchinson and A. Smith (ed.) Nationalism - A Reader (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1994) pp. 231-235.

7. “National Self-Determination: Dilemmas of a Concept” Nations and Nationalism (Cambridge) Vol. I, No. 3 (1995) pp. 297-325.

8. “Colonialism and the Creation of Ethnicity in Africa” Migration No. 28 (1995) pp.55-66.

9. “From Idealism to Pragmatism - Israel and the Third World” in A. Shapira (ed.) Independence - The First Fifty Years (Jerusalem, Shazar Center, 1998) pp. 351-362 [Hebrew].

10. “The Arab Vote Between Integration and Delegetimization” in E. Rekhess (ed.) The Arabs in Israeli Politics: Dilemmas of Identity (Tel Aviv, Dayan Center, 1998) pp. 31-40) [Hebrew].


To Make Contact

Address - home: 20 Hahistadrut, Ra’anana, Israel

Address - work: The Open University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Phone: 972-9-7427212(h); 972-3-6460517(w)



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