Dr. Raphael Vago
Curriculum Vitae

Senior Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow, Department of History, Tel –Aviv University, The Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism and the Cummings Center for Russian and East European Studies.

Born in 1946 in Romania, since in 1958 in Israel

Languages :

fluent – Romanian, Hungarian, Hebrew, English
partial – French, Russian


1972, B.A.History and Political Science, University of Haifa
1976, M.A.Tel Aviv University, East European History
1981, PhD- Tel –Aviv University Dissertation : Nationalism vs. Internationalism : Hungarian –Romanian Relations 1944-1977
Since 1972 at Tel-Aviv University
1982-1986 :Director, Russian and East European Research Center
1986-1987, 1991-1992 : Visiting Professor, University of Calgary, Concordia University , Montreal

Main areas of teaching and research :

Some recent publications and activities :

Recent participation in international conferences ( partial list):

January 2000, Lecture at the Conference on Antisemitism, ADL, New York.

May 2000, Lecture at the Conference on Modern Antisemitism, Nitra, Slovakia.

Nov. 2000 and Nov. 2001 , lectures at the Annual Conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, Denver, CO, and Washington, DC.

Since 2001, yearly courses to Romanian educators, University of Cluj on Modern Antisemitism and the legacy of the Holocaust, with special emphasis on minorities, ethnicity and human rights in the 20th century.

Jan. 2002, paper at the Conference on Jews Under the Communist Regime in Romania , Tel-Aviv University.

April, 2002 , Lecture at Munchen University on Germans and Jews in Transylvania.

July, 2002 Lecture at the Conference on the Holocaust and Implications on Romania, Institute for History and Political Studies, Ministry of National Defense, Bucharest.

July, 2002 Lecture, at Teachers’ Seminar, Faculty of Letters, Bucharest University.

Active participation in some other 10 major international conferences in Israel and abroad on topics as Regional Security and the Balkans, European integration, Post-communist nationalism, ethnicity and national minorities , 2000-2005.

October 2002, International Conference on Antisemitism in Central Europe , Bled, Slovakia.

June 2003, Conference in Sibiu, Romania on “National Minority Policy Under the Stalinist Period- Germans, Jews and Hungarians.

Lectures at the yearly conference of Budapest Forum in 1998, 1999, 2001,2002 ( on European unification, regional cooperation, minorities and human rights). Also Member of the Executive Committee of the Budapest Forum.

Member of several Academic and Public committees of projects and research centers on the history of the Jews in Romania and Hungary

2003- Member of the International Commission of Historians on the Holocaust in Romania, "The Elie Wiesel Commission". Numerous public and media appearances related to the Commission's findings.

2004 - Paper at the International Conference on the Holocaust in Hungary 50 years later, Washington, D.C.

2004 - Lectures before Slovak educators in Banska Bystrica on the the research and historiography of the Holocaust.

2005 - Paper at the International Conference on Genocides in the 20th century, University of Montpellier , France.

2005 - brief lecture tours in Budapest, and the University of Craiova in Romania on topics linked to the Jewish past and inter-ethnic relations in Central Europe.

2005 - scientific editor, English edition, four volume History of the Jews in Romania, Tel -Aviv University . ( Two volumes published in January 2006).