Honorary Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor Philosophiae Honoris Causa
היפוסוליפל דובכ רוטקוד
Chava Alberstein / ןייטשרבלא הוח

in recognition of her illustrious career spanning forty years as an icon of Hebrew folk music; her enduring appeal to diverse sectors of Israel society; her revival of Yiddish music; her exacting choice of songs that express a personal, social or political message; and her contribution to Israeli culture at large.

Bruce Alberts / סטרבלא סורב

in recognition of his groundbreaking research in biochemistry and molecular biology; his leadership of the scientific community, notably as President of the National Academy of Sciences in the US; and his warm friendship toward Israel and Tel Aviv University, and involvement in the Dan David Prize administered by the university.
Hanoch Bartov / בוטרב ךונח

in recognition of his eminent position as one of Israel's leading authors, intellectuals and social commentators; his incisive and moving explorations of the contemporary Israeli scene; his active participation in cultural and public life in Israel; and his longstanding links with Tel Aviv University and donation of his archive for the benefit of scholars and students.
Jona Goldrich / 'ץירדלוג הנוי

in recognition of his commitment to the State of Israel, Jewish continuity and Holocaust commemoration; his long and valued service as Chairman of the Western Region of the Tel Aviv University American Council; and his establishment at the university of many important projects, among them the Goldreich Family Health and Fitness Center and Goldreich Family Institute in Yiddish Language, Literature and Culture.
Felipe Gonzáles Marquez /סקרמ סלאסנוג הפילפ

in recognition of his service as one of Spain's most renowned leaders and statesmen; his key contribution to the forging of Israeli-Spanish diplomatic relations and cooperation in the political, economic and cultural spheres; and his role in promoting peace in the Middle East through the hosting of the 1991 Madrid peace talks.

photo: Rafael Herlich
Marcel Reich-Ranicki / יקצינר-ךייר לסרמ
in recognition of his outstanding contribution for over five decades to literary and cultural life in Germany; his indomitable spirit in surviving the Warsaw Ghetto and transforming himself into one of Europe’s most prominent and celebrated literary critics; his recognized expertise in German literature; his numerous prize-winning publications, including books, anthologies, articles and essays; his role as one of Germany's most influential television personalities in the literary sphere;
and in special recognition of his unique blend of erudition, critical incisiveness and popular appeal; his success in promoting high culture and a love of reading in the wider German-speaking public; his contribution to academic studies as a professor of literature; and his lifelong advocacy of freedom and humanistic values
Petra Roth / טור הרטפ

in recognition of her achievements in the German political arena spanning over three decades; her dedicated service as Lord Mayor of Frankfurt; and her friendship with the State of Israel and with Tel Aviv University in particular, expressed through her staunch support of the University's German Friends Association and of projects enhancing academic and cultural relations between the twin cities of Frankfurt and Tel Aviv.
George Allen Smith / תימס ןלא 'גרו'ג

in recognition of his civic leadership and support of science. Mr. Smith has mobilized significant resources for genetic research at both TAU and UCLA.

Lap-Chee Tsui / ייוצ ישט-פאל
Hong Kong, China

in recognition of his stature as a pioneer, leader, teacher and mentor in the life sciences and medicine; his contribution to inherited disease research and human genetics; and his warm ties with Israeli scientists, including at Tel Aviv University.
Felix Zandman /ןמדנז סקילפ

in recognition of his spirit and resourcefulness in transforming himself from Holocaust refugee to successful industrialist, physicist, inventor and philanthropist; his contribution to the Israeli high-tech industry and to strengthening the country's development towns; and his establishment at Tel Aviv University of projects in Holocaust studies as well as the Zandman-Slaner Graduate School of Engineering.

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