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You are about to enter A Virtual Museum of Science, Technology and Cultur
- a museum founded on three dimensional graphics.
At this stage of its development the museum consists of two main wings. The first is devoted to the scientific thought of Galileo Galilei. We have dedicated this wing to Andrea - Galileo's disciple in the play Galileo by Bertold Brecht. The second focuses on Gutenberg's work and the printed word revolution.

The museum has set for itself a number of goals:

To facilitate wandering among the exhibits (e.g., exhibits that are related to the physical laws which Galileo formulated, or exhibits related to the printing process).

To permit you to activate some of the exhibits such as the inclined plane, the telescope or a printing press.

To give you hands on experience on concepts and phenomena (e.g., investigating laws which Galileo formulated by swinging a swing -pendulum- and sliding down a slide -the inclined plane- or experimenting on the properties of different kinds of ink).

In addition to the museum's three dimensional models, you will be aided by the "Information Center" materials which include texts and visual items about the wings' themes at varied levels (e.g., scientific, technological, social, historical, philosophical, original documents).

The museum, as a stand-alone module, can be downloaded to a Silicon Graphics computer which has Open Inventor Software installed.

Numerous institutions and individuals contribute to this project, and we are indebted to them for their encouragement and support. We wish to thank to:

The Ministry of Science and Technology, Information SuperHighway Project.
The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.
Science and Technology Education Center, Tel-Aviv University.
The project is being developed with the support of :
Computation Center, Tel-Aviv University.
Silicon Graphics, Israel.


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Information Center






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