... people still think that way.

From an item that recently arrived via the Faye Hurvitz Clipping Service: I won't go into the details, but it was an article on how and why schools using software for blocking access to various sites. Blocking out sites that are considered pornographic has become SOP, though I'd argue with the logic of doing this. But for some schools that isn't enough. Central High School in Santa Ana, California took things a number of steps further: Santa Ana Unified School District Superintendant Al Mijares is quoted as saying (brace yourselves): Want another quote?: I guess that it doesn't matter that mathematics teachers explain that they use sites on Wall Street to teach the computing of percentages, or that sports coaches complain that they can no longer access physical fitness sites that were highly useful to them. School and life are separate entities, and shouldn't mix, or get confused.

It took some looking, but I found an online version of the article in the Denver Post Online:

Are some schools going too far in protecting kids?

(That last Mijares quote doesn't show up in the online version, probably because in the print version it appears underneath a photograph of Mijares, and the online version doesn't have a photograph.)

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