And now I have one.

Searching for items somewhere in the Boidem and finally finding them seems to be one of the more frequent reasons for updates to these pages. Only a few months previous to this addition I reported on finally finding a reference which I knew was there, but hadn't (until post the column) been able to locate. But there's a significant difference between finding something and having the means at my disposal for conducting a search in order to find it. The latter is less a question of luck than of planning.

I'd been planning to have a search function installed on the Boidem from about the time that I found that it was becoming more and more difficult to find a page that I was sure existed. I'd found that relying on search engines wasn't reliable enough for me, and that I needed something a bit more trustworthy. So toward the end of March, 2000, after a bit of negotiating with the university computation center, a functional search function was added to the Boidem. And of course I had to update the page and the column that dealt with getting a search function, and link to it.

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