On keeping a promise.

In a column of a year and a half ago I promised to write a column dealing with community. Though it was a topic high on my list of topics to be dealt with, I somehow allowed myself to deal with other issues, pushing the harder one farther and farther into the rather undefined future. Since the present latest column (February, 1999) is more or less the column planned a year and a half ago, I'm now in a position to activate a link that has remained dormant since it was created. That calls for a limited amount of cosmetic activity, as well as some emotional involvement.

Why "emotional invovlement"? The original link, although it didn't really lead anywhere, was still one I was particularly pleased with. Do I really want to part with it? Of course the answer is "no"; I want the best of both worlds. So I've made slight changes in order to link to the promised column, but also to keep a link to the page that used to appear.

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