... is more than just substance abuse.

One of our most devoted readers, Michael Cerf, responded to this column with a reference to the Penses of Blaise Pascal. Michael only paraphrased the original, but it seems to be a highly passable translation, and the point is, of course, well taken.
To combat l'ennui (boredom and more - a feeling of total vacuity), what do men do? They hunt, they wage wars, they chase women, they gamble, they work, etc.  The king in his palace and the prisoner in his cell experience the same feeling of ennui when they have strictly nothing to do - hence all our pursuits, which lead to extremes.
Frankly, if it's a choice between extreme use of the internet or waging war, I don't have any problem choosing which I prefer. Are there any online counseling programs for people addicted to waging war?

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