Well, it used to be there.

This section of the Communications and Computers in Education web site is "mine", meaning that I determine what gets posted. I link to the main page, and there's a link to the Boidem from the main page. That's pretty SOP for web sites.

Nobody has to tell me when changes to the main page, or to other parts of the site, take place. Sometimes I even notice them by myself. Which is what happened this time. For some reason that I no longer recall, I clicked into the main page while prepare the May column, and discovered that the main logo had changed (for the worse, if you ask me - maybe one day I'll post a page with the old and the new next to each other so that others can decide for themselves), and that the comic on the main page had been removed.

That's no great loss (though it's a great comic) but considering that only a bit before then I'd linked to that main page in order to show the comic ... well, that deserved an update.

So if you clicked on the main page link from the referring page, and didn't find what you were looking for, it wasn't your fault. And if you still want to see the comic ...

whew! that's enough already!

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