... and of choices made ... and reversed?

In When Dessert Becomes the Main Course I tried to describe a hypertextual surfing experience, and to give a feel of that experience as well. Michel Cerf, writing from England, added a deliciously fitting metaphor which deserves to be linked to that column, and to be part of the experience: In a later e-correspondance, in a manner similar to a link, but actually quite simply another letter, he adds: And what can I say, other than to wish that I'd written it myself. Perhaps we should be relieved that hypertext allows us to backtrack and to travel the other roads that we (originally) didn't choose. Yet on the other hand, though a plunge into the vastness of what is available on the web can be, as Michel suggests, both exhilirating and saddening, perhaps it's our loss that it's not also limiting. If by choosing we don't have to renounce, then we can go home again. And as enticing a possibility as that is, somehow it sounds wrong.

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