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I admit it: I've read quite a bit of Shakespeare. But I also admit that I haven't read all that much. I am not now, and never will be an expert on Shakespeare. What's more, my chances of getting out of the house and to a performance of a play are close to nil. Thus it was a bit strange to find the following e-letter in my inbox:
Subject: Sonnet 18
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 10:27:17 PDT
From: withheld to protect the guilty

My name is (still withheld) and I wonder if you have some analyses of Sonnet 18
that I could look on, because I am going to analyse Sonnet 18 in the
school. If you could send me this as fast as you can I would be very
Thank you for the help...
Please send it directly, I am desperate...
Love (once again, name withheld)

The person who sent me this e-letter doesn't know me (if she did, she wouldn't ask me for information on Shakespeare). And if that's the case, why am I the recipient of this query. The answer is actually rather simple: In column No. 12: Shall I Compare Thee to a Printed Page? I referred to Shakespeare's sonnet No. 18. I thought I'd done this in a manner that made it clear that I wasn't analyzing the sonnet but rather looking at how the web can affect the way we read. But sometimes we underestimate the possibility of being misunderstood.

I wrote back to (name withheld) and told her that I was far from an expert on Shakespeare. I didn't write that I'd posted that column almost a year and a half ago and that it took a couple of minutes of head scratching before I finally figured out why she was turning to me with her request. She wrote back:

Thank you for your answer.
I also thougt that this Sonnet was beutiful, but I need some good
explenation why. My English is not good, so I can`t write why with a
good English....if you have time..please send me an expenation why you
think this sonnet is so beutiful....
Grateful for answer.
And there we have it: A concrete example of how a web presence makes you an authority on something about which you may know almost nothing.

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