After so many years!

When I first wrote about spam I noted that one theory for the use of the word in this particular meaning stems from a Monty Python Flying Circus sketch. I even linked to a transcript of the sketch. That link, checked for this occasion, is no longer active. Others are, however, still available. Anyone wishing to read the sketch can find a copy here. And since the link to the history of SPAM no longer works as well, I'll redirect traffic to another site that's still around after all these years.

Things don't, however, only dissipate with time. Some positive events also take place. One of these was the opening, in September, 2001, of a SPAM museum. Considering that the museum was set up by Hormel, the corporation that produces SPAM, chances are good that it will be around for a while. Hormel has also set up an official SPAM site.

But that's not the real reason, nor the catalyst, for this update. Just recently I'd fallen asleep in front of the television. It happens. Usually late at night when the television is on and I'm trying to read the paper and I discover that I've dozed off. When I woke up, around 02:30, I found that Monty Python reruns were on, and then it came ... the SPAM sketch. I'd never seen it before, only read the transcript. But now I can say I've seen it, and enjoyed it.

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