Okay, tell me already.

Where should I start?

This page is being written in April of 2002, replacing a page that has been accessible, but probably not read, since late 1996. Much has changed since then. That page contained very limited personal information, though it did include links to some personal sites of mine. But those sites have been inaccessible for years. Perhaps that added some mystery to my persona, though it probably only added linkrot to cyberspace.

Whatever, a short update is definitely overdue.

Having completed my studies toward an MA at Tel Aviv University, I continue, in numerous places and in various capacities, to aid and abet the integration of internet use into the learning process. For a number of years this was as part of the Internet Development team of the Research and Development arm of Ort Israel. Today I can be found in the Elementary Education department of the Ministry of Education, and at Achva College where I work in the Institute for Online Education.

I write and lecture on numerous internet related topics, and also frequently teach various teacher in-service introductory courses to the internet.

Though my family may claim that I devote all my time to my work, I still think that I find time for them as well: Tzippi, a professional horn player who today mostly teaches music in pre-schools, Eitan (10), Nadav (8) and Hila (5) who deserve much more than a passing sentence, but probably won't get it here. I used to listen to music and read books. Today I fall asleep to both of these.

Though my formal association with the university ended when I received my degree, I maintain both personal and professional contact with my former advisors in the Megama L'Tikshoret U'Machshevim of the Department of Education. I'm always thinking about devoting the time and the effort to continuing those studies, but at the moment, I'm only thinking about it. In the meantime, I continue to write a monthly Boidem column, knowing full well that my readership is very limited. If, however, someone actually attempts to read the entire ongoing work (or even part of it) he or she will get a much better picture of who I am through doing so than from reading this page.

A more detailed account of who I am (or at least of what I do) (though almost exclusively in Hebrew) can be found here.

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