The Boidem doesn't really need WYSIWYG.

A number of my web projects benefit from a graphic web developing tool - although the Boidem isn't one of them. For the Boidem a Notepad sort of program with added HTML capabilities is pretty much all I need: the vast majority of this project is, after all, very plain text with almost no complex layout. Because other projects of mine do need a WYSIWYG site generator I have one of those on my hard drive as well and, pretty much depending on my mood, I'll use either the textual or the graphic tool for these columns.

Of course many programs, both textual and graphic, are available, and I suppose that I've tried about ten of them, downloading a demo and playing around with it a bit until I reach the conclusion that what I've already got is more than enough. Do I then throw out the unused program? Now why would I want to do a thing like that?

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