Giving me a reason to use it.

I seem to recall that back when I first started using ICQ the tool was offered to whomever wanted to use it with only minimal intervention on the part of the company. We were essentially being told that here was a great tool that permits you to be in contact with your friends. Yes, there was random chat, but that was the sort of thing with which you played around when you had some free time on your hands. Today, though I trust (as in Eitan's case) people download and install the tool because they want to be in contact with their friends, most of the company's efforts are devoted to making sure that you've got friends with whom to use the tool. You've got ICQ but nobody to talk to? No problem, we'll help you find people with similar interests.

This of course makes good sense. Who needs a communcations tool if you're not communicating? Still, there's something a bit strange in getting friends as part of a package deal - "download our program and we'll get you people with whom to use it". I don't recall this happening when I open a new e-mail account. Maybe it should.

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