Who has time for all this?

In addition to installing a new system I also installed a new hard drive - 80GB, no less. Strange as it may seem, the first hard drive on this machine, "only" 40GB, was filling up too quickly, and I was in desparate need of more space. Not that little of the space on that drive was taken up by duplicate copies of projects, by games once installed but no longer in use, and quite a few other items not in use. I knew that I wasn't in need of everything, but simply the process of going through what's there and deciding what to throw out demanded more time than I was really in a position to devote to the task.And if hard drive space is cheaper than our time, it makes sense that we continue to save and download and duplicate without looking back. So even though one of my first tasks upon having the new system and hard drive installed was to start reviewing what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to throw out (and what could be thrown out either because it was no longer compatible with the new operating system because I would have to reinstall it to make it work anyway) after a relatively short period of time I had stopped doing this. Instead (and predictably) I found myself almost totally absorbed in new and more pressing tasks. Nice as it might be to attend to, the task of cleaning up just wasn't that necessary.

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