As ubiquitous as the internet.

On this date, in 1943, Los Angeles witnessed its first smog attack. Apparently, until then, even the by-now ubiquitous term smog hadn't yet been coined. I still remember that the term was a contraction for smoke and fog, though I trust that with over a generation of research done since then, scientists have discovered that the ingredients are very different than simply a mix of those two.

Over sixty years later it's perhaps hard to fathom that smog (or smog attacks - the stuff itself had been around much longer) was something new. But new and novel can very quickly become old-hat and second nature. For me, as a child growing up in Los Angles, not very long after that first attack, smog was almost an element, a given, a fact of life. I didn't know it's history, and pretty much assumed that it had been around since the creation.

Come to think of it, that's sort of the way that my kids relate to the internet.

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