I don't have statistics on this, but it's a fair guess that pretty much 100% of homes in the western world have at least one television. Even though the approximately sixty years that television has been around are hardly a hiccup on the ongoing timeline of evolution, nobody today would think of television as something new. The same is true for the telephone which has been around about twice as long (two hiccups?). Although the internet has been around for a shorter period of time, and has been a household item for less than a decade, it too is hardly something that we think of as new. If five years ago reading about online love affairs aroused in us a bit of a voyeuristic thrill, today almost everybody knows at least one couple that met via the internet, and it's become a hu-hum sort of issue:
Oh, you met on the internet? How passe! My husband and I met while doing macrobiotic hang gliding.

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