He could have known somebody who might have been with someone who...

When eventual possibilities become legal realities, the internet becomes a very dangerous place indeed. A recent article on the reasononline web site reports on the trial in Idaho of someone named Sami Al-Hussayen on charges of conspiracy to support terrorism. All I know about Al-Hussayen's case is the little that I've learned from a couple of newspaper articles about him I've read on the web, and I have no idea if he's innocent or guilty. I do, however, feel that a central claim of his prosecuting attorney goes well beyond any legal logic. The reasononline article tells us that the prosecution purports to show
how a Web site that Al-Hussayen had helped maintain "could eventually access 20 other sites with ties to radical organizations."
Talk about "tell me whom you link to and I'll tell you who you are"! That kind of argument makes six degrees of separation child's play.

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