The lowest common denominator.

The "real" us seems continually to be on the darker side of an identity continuum. We're always discovering that the "real" someone whom we thought we knew is a liar and a cheat (and probably a drug addict as well) instead of the nice, unpresupposing nebish we supposed him or her to be. It hardly ever seems to happen, however, the other way around: that the lieing and cheating child-molesting durg addict actually turns out to be a really great guy. Of course there's an obvious reason for this - being a regular guy just doesn't make news. But we also seem to assume that things are seldom what they seem, and are constantly hoping that more lurid details will see the light of day.

Getting ahead of myself, I can imagine an online persona admitting to having a foot fetish, but also insisting that it's nothing more than that - not a slight opening through which every possible additional perversion is just waiting to burst out, simply a foot fetish. Chances are good that nobody would believe him.

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