Hey! I want to play that again!

I'm not sure how many games are sitting on our hard drive, but there are many, and most of these haven't been played for months. Sometimes it's a case of the boys outgrowing a game, of discovering that it doesn't hold their interest like it once did. But more often than not what happens is simply that a new game comes around and they become intensely involved in playing it, and forget about the others, that perhaps only a short while ago were favorites. Out of sight means out of mind, and even though I try to keep shortcuts to all of their games in one folder, there are games that don't languish for very extended periods of time without being clicked on.

Until, of course, I suggest that perhaps in the interest of more space on the hard drive (and perhaps more speed in their games) I might remove a few of these. That's often interpreted as an invitation to start playing a game which they'd long ago forgotten - and I end up leaving everything on the hard drive.

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