Overkill on the road.

My sons are presently enamored of fast and expensive cars. They watch for them on the road (reporting to me what they see each day on the way back and forth from school, rather than what they learned while there) and oogle over photographs of those cars that they find in the papers or on the internet. Often they'll report to me that a particular car can go 220kmh, to which I'll inevitably reply - "not on Israel's roads".

The boys haven't yet internalized the simple truth that for our needs a simple and serviceable Subaru is more than sufficient, and that anything beyond that would be for status. Or maybe they have, and they understand the importance of status. If so, I simply have to hope that it won't be long before they transfer that desire for status from the illogical (and extremely expensive) realm of cars, to a much more logical category - computers, for instance.

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