Where do you start?

There are many, probably too many, of these sites. My guess is that the people who use them don't spend much time comparison shopping, but instead attach themselves to one that they've learned about, leaving only if and when they learn of a better one. Even with an obsession, some things are worth devoting more time to than others. The Sims Online Cafe, for instance, seems like a good place to hang out. But then you notice that they have only 185 registered users - not very many when it comes to online gaming. What's more, those users have posted, altogether, 454 articles, the last of these, on anything other than tech support, seems to be from June of 2003. Though Sims Online Stratics doesn't post user statistics on its front page (I couldn't find them anywhere else either, though perhaps I didn't look hard enough), they seem to be much more active. Finding the right place to start may be difficult, but in this case at least, knowing when it's time to jump ship seems rather simple.

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