I have dabbled a bit.

In the interest of truth I should admit that I actually do have a blog, though it would probably be accurate to write, in the manner of a tree falling in a forest with nobody to hear it, that a blog that doesn't seek out readers and remains hidden from them, simply doesn't exist. I originally set up a blog before our trip to North America during the summer. It was supposed to serve as a hub for various tools to which I might want access. Since the summer I've played around with it in somewhat different capacities.

Today my blog serves me as a platform for experimenting and investigating. I don't use it often (sometimes I even forget it's there) but it's interesting to play around with. Through using it I try and get the feel of what blogging is, and how it effects the process of relating to information - a process with which I'm constantly involved. Essentially it's personal - not because I deal with issues that don't, or shouldn't, concern others, but because (at this stage at least) what interests me is how I use it, not how others might relate to it.

I've got another reason for not making my blog public as well. It's my guess that most readers of the Boidem often feel overworked with a monthly column. After all, they have other reading materials as well. Were I to ask them, even invite them, to start reading my blog I fear I'd be taxing their time and patience beyond what seems reasonable. Perhaps even beyond the breaking point. They might decide (if they haven't long ago) to stop reading even these columns. I think I should quit while I'm ahead.

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