Did I write that?

Internet community? Do I really believe that there's such a thing? And if I did, wouldn't it make sense to keep such a belief secret in order to maintain my image? What got into me that suddenly I'd use a phrase like that? Ten years ago it might have made some sense. And before the web, in the heyday of BBSs, perhaps even more. But today? Nothing binds internet users together. It's like trying to find something in common between all people who eat, other than the fact that they have mouths.

There are, no doubt, some netizens (no link on my using that word here - though of course it's at least as suspect as internet community) who seem capable of creating public opinion, just as some web sites seem to establish a standard for design, and others for content, or for the way that content gets discussed. And yes, many of these seem to have come together in a sort of blogging fan club, a pro-blogging lobby. But chances are good that although thousands upon thousands of blogs are being written and posted today, there are still millions of internet users who still think that the only way to connect to the internet is through the pre-set default page of MSN Network with which Microsoft has so generously supplied them. And these people not only have no idea what a blog is, but are hardly even interested.

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