No, it's not quoted here.

I have to admit that the preparation of this column has caused me more than a small about of discomfort. Boidem columns frequently spring from personal experience, and it's the mixing of the personal and the general that makes them interesting (if at all). This time, however, I've tried to downplay the more personal aspects. For that reason, and in a manner quite out of character for the Boidem, I haven't linked to the source material I'm referring to. Those materials are still online, but I don't feel comfortable linking to them. It's not that I've misrepresented anything - I doubt that if any members of the forum referred to here were to read this column they would find fault with anything I've written. But perhaps because we tend to idealize those who have died, and because an examination of this sort attempts to go beyond such an idealization, I find myself stepping lightly. If any readers are interested in reviewing the source material (in Hebrew) for this column, I'll happily e-mail the relevant links.

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