An association I never would have made.

I'm a very associative thinker, but my associations, wild as they sometimes may be, are limited by my realm of interests.

Roswell Rudd is a wonderful jazz trombonist who has recorded a number of (to my mind) wonderful records. To my dismay, one of these records, which I've owned on vinyl for over thirty years, is in unlistenable shape. I thus sought it out via P2P and was delighted when, after a number of months, I got the entire record. Every so often I notice that someone is downloading one or more of the cuts from that record from me, and when I notice that someone is doing this I'll browse the contents of that person's available mp3s expecting that if they want this record they have other, similar items which I might like to have.

When, many months ago, I noticed that someone was downloading this entire Roswell Rudd album, I hurried to check the contents of his (perhaps her?) hard drive. I found absolutely nothing that was of interest to me, but I found about thirty items that had the name Roswell in them. I needed a rather substantial amount of head scratching until I realized that this person was probably interested in UFOs and was thus collecting anything that might be connected to one of the most famous "sightings". I messaged him (her?) that I doubted that the music of Roswell Rudd, beautiful as it might be to my mind, was really what he or she was interested in, but I didn't get a response.

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