Telling your story.

Perhaps the best known example of internet romance in popular culture is the movie You've Got Mail that I discussed almost four years ago in these pages. When the movie came out the producers apparently knew that it was going to hit a popular chord, and they built a rather extensive web site in order to promote the movie. Together with the standard promos for the movie, Warner Brothers also invited people who had experienced internet romance to tell their personal stories, about 50 of which were posted to the site. Taken as a whole these stories would suggest that we have a better chance of finding true love on the internet than at a bar, a rock concert (do seeking singles go to operas?) and of course on a bus. And of course these stories seem to follow a classic plot line. For example:
After a few weeks of mindless chats I was going to give it one more try before scrapping the whole chat circus.

Then like "magic" she appeared and there was no going back, we stayed up entire evenings chatting, we watched Sleepless in Seattle together her in Sydney Australia and I in the US and we chatted while watching it (this is now "our movie).
And there we have it all, in one personal report. Someone has been chatting away for a few weeks and is about to give up, yet meeting the right person still seems to be an act of "magic" rather than perseverance.

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