Speak your mind ... but check your spelling.

The Israeli Knesset invites the country's citizens to express their opinions. As is probably the case with many countries, the web site of the Knesset includes discussion forums that encourage people to sound off on the issues of the day. Over the past few months these have been dormant, though that may be due to our recent elections. In periods when they've been active, that activity has been very limited which probably has something to do with the groundrules for participation posted on the site.

As opposed to discussion forums prevalent throughout the internet where informality is the norm, here potential posters are advised that they should behave politely, think their thoughts through before posting, and check their spelling. It feels a bit like a fourth grade classroom with a strict teacher, and it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that (when they're active) few people take part in these forums. Perhaps democracy means not needing the Knesset in order to express your opinions.

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