Another version, another disc.

For a recent lecture (presented in the time scope of the preparation of this column) I made a number of changes in one of my standing lectures. Some of these were corrections, some additions designed to fit the needs of the particular audience, some updates in order to better fit my thinking as it has changed on the topic at hand. It certainly would have been easier to simply take the CD as is, and then explain - to both my audience and to myself - that the lecture is "finished", i.e., it's ready for presentation in its present form. But what's sitting on CD is only a copy of what's sitting on my hard drive, and even if it's not editable, nothing, other than time and other commitments, is stopping me from editing and changing the lecture on my hard drive, and then burning it once again onto a new disk. So my lectures sit both on my hard drive and on CD. Rather logically, if I have a presentation coming up I prefer to simply slip the CD into my bag and not make any changes. But preferences are one thing, and reality another, and it's a very rare occurrence that I don't make at least a few, even minor, changes and then burn a new CD.

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