How many versions of that article do you need?

I've already confessed that I keep a diskette (at least one) in my pocket. This is perhaps also the place to admit that I have the rather undesirable habit of simply filling one up and then taking another and filling it, hardly ever stopping to delete what's no longer needed. Because of this diskettes accumulate, often with more and more versions of the same file. Discerning which of these is the "correct" or latest version, the one I want to save, becomes harder and harder as more and more files accumulate. At a certain point, usually well after I've finished working on whatever project those files are associated with, my memory has faded, and it becomes close to impossible to remember what, if anything, on the diskette is material that I'm interested in saving. And since I have a terrible and unfounded fear of throwing anything away that perhaps one day, for some reason presently unclear to me, I might want, the diskette simply gets put aside into a growing pile of diskettes that are waiting to be sorted, arranged and eventually erased.

Everything is saved, but not necessarily accessible. Even with an intricate numbering system for saving versions of an article I'm trying to write, finding a particular version becomes too time-consuming to be worthwhile a couple of months down the road.

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