I can think of worse hobbies.

People collect just about everything. Or perhaps more precisely, for almost anything that's out there, there's also at least one person to collect it. In their hey-day the now-defunct Excite Communities had hundreds of communities devoted to collecting bean-bag dolls, phone cards, and just about anything else. A quick glance at E-bay will also show that people really do collecting anything.

So there's nothing strange about collecting old out-of-use CDs, or more precisely, AOL promo CDs that nobody wants. And I'm only aware of the more prominent collectors. There must be numerous others out there.

And if you're not into collecting, somebody has devoted more time than I have available to thinking of others uses for those CDs (the proverbial 101 were passed long ago). Actually, considering the number of lists of this sort that populate the web, there's probably someone out there who has a collection of these lists as well.

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