If you've got it, use it.

I really didn't expect to use my CD burner very often. I actually thought that I was going to use it only for transferring very big files and for back-up. I was wrong.

Once it's available, well, it's hard not to use it. I've prepared some discs of photographs, and some of downloaded software (freeware and shareware) for classes I teach. But it's obvious that I'm avoiding the real issue. More to the real point, are the ways I use my burner legitimate? Well, I'll take my chances at perhaps being arrested by some big-business software protection agency and admit that yes, I haven't only used it for back-up. I've copied a couple of games for my kids, converted some mp3 files into digital audio files and burned them onto disc, even copied a few audio CDs. After a confession of that sort, I can almost hear the knock on the door, waiting to take me away. But before being locked up I should also note that my main burning activity has been a very roundabout method of helping Tzippi prepare her music lessons.

Tzippi has a long list of short pieces, classical, folk from around the world, Israeli and more, that may be useful for her teaching. Some of these she has on record but are today in such bad shape that transferring them to tape and then using them in the classroom is not an option. I run searches on various P2P programs and find many of the items she's looking for. I then transfer them from mp3 format to digital music on disc which she is then able to play via our stereo, and record on cassette. It's a rather complex system of finding music, but it works, and we've succeeded in finding many items that we might otherwise not be able to get our hands on, and get them into the classroom.

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