Standing still.

My courses were from the outset defined as meat and potatoes courses. My objective was to teach internet basics so that teachers could integrate these tools into their lives and (dare I hope?) into their teaching, and know enough to continue to learn on their own. I had no intention of introducing them to driving via a Jaguar. A basic Chevy was fine. They had to learn basic navigation between sites, basic searching strategies, online forums, e-mail, a bit about downloading. That sort of thing. But the internet was continually developing, and it seemed a pity to teach the basics as though the internet was staying the same. It seemed to me that less and less effort should have been necessary to learn those basics because, well, it was becoming easier to manipulate the various internet programs and tools, and that should have freed more time for me to examine newer developments. My plans for these courses included additional units that examined the newer aspects of internet use, but because more and more time was needed for teaching the basics, I sadly hardly even got around to this material.

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