A prerequisite for taking my course.

I frequently joked with the participants in my courses that if they wanted to enroll in the class they had to have a twelve year old either in their home or in their neighbor's home. I'm still convinced that they could have saved themselves time and money simply by sitting their kids down in front of the computer and telling them to teach them what to do with the internet. But of course they were afraid to do this, just as most teachers are afraid to admit that their pupils' technical skills can actually be helpful to them in the classroom.

But it's not only a question of acknowledging the technical skills of their pupils, but also one of relinquishing their own educational know-how on the altar of that technical know-how. The fact that pupils know how to operate a computer doesn't mean that they know how to use it to facilitate learning, and even teachers who have limited computer knowledge can still be very instructive on that count - if they'll allow themselves to fulfill that role.

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