It's not such a tragedy.

Even in a worst case scenario, someone might crash a hard drive, causing the loss of important or valuable information, or at least information of sentimental value to someone. This certainly isn't something to be taken lightly. I've had the dubious pleasure of having a hard drive crash on me, and on having another erased, and these experiences were quite traumatic. But I can think of many more distressing things that could happen to a person, and in comparison a hard drive crash isn't so terrible. What's more, that's almost never what happened in my courses. Instead, the computer would simply jam and we'd have to restart it. Exasperating perhaps, but hardly something to have nightmares about.

I'd often tell my students that when I was in medic's training course I approached my commanding officer and told him that my learning style didn't fit the "never make a mistake" style of the course; that for me having to get things right the first time meant that I wouldn't learn. I suggested that he let me "kill" a few of my "patients" a few times, and that if I had the lee-way to do that, I'd catch on to what was expected of me and ultimately get things right. He was amazed at my request, but after a while discovered that, for me at least, I knew what I was talking about. I often told my students that if I could "kill off" a few of my patients, they could jam their computers and restart them a few times without feeling that anything terrible had happened.

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