We're getting a bit complicated there, aren't we?

Not everybody in my courses was interested in learning what I was trying to teach. In one of my courses one student took an interest only in learning how to download mp3s. At the end of the course he thanked me profusely for helping him learn how to do this and felt he'd accomplished a great deal, although I thought he'd wasted his time and hadn't learned what the course was supposed to teach him. Others in the course who noticed that he was doing something different than they were thought he was very advanced to be involved with sound files, when actually all he'd done was master a rather simple program. Being able to download music didn't mean he was particularly adept at anything else. On our last trip to North America, for example, while using the computer of the son of some friends to check my e-mail via my Hotmail account, I discovered that though he was a frequent Napster user, he had no idea of how to use the web.

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