... I no longer collect $200.

It was on this day, in 1935, that a patent was issued for that favorite of all board games, Monopoly. I can't remember when I last played a game, but I still have fond memories of it. The game has become part of world folklore. Not passing Go and not collecting $200 dollars is a common knowledge sort of phrase. It's even (though this was to be expected) shown up, once long ago, and again fairly recently in these pages. Considering that an economic depression was a catalyst in the enormous popularity of the game, it's perhaps understandable that it's becoming popular again today. On the other hand, it never really went out of fashion. The game has an illustrious, if also hotly debated, history. It's not really a case of becoming popular again, but instead simply the fact that I've become more aware of the game because my kids are at the age at which they've discovered and started playing it.

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