Slipping into something ... more communicative.

Yes, I'm at or near an open, and online, computer throughout most of the day. And yes, it's hard to me to imagine returning to the times when things weren't that way. What's more, there have been more times than I like to admit when I've felt uncomfortable not being able to log into my mail, even when, for instance, I'm simply out on a trip into non-technological nature. Having admitted to all this, I can well understand that readers might think I'm kidding when I write that there are numerous times when I'm happy to not be near a computer, that there are numerous situations in which I'm happy to not be bombarded by a constant flow of information.

One promotional example of what a few years back was called Push technology comes to mind. I remember that I was supposed to imagine that I was in an unfamiliar city (on business, of course) when it starts to rain. My always accessible (and online) pocket computer, probably logged in to a weather site, knows to check where the best places in the city for buying an umbrella are located. It then checks, by GPS, where I'm presently getting wet in order to tell me where I can find the nearest store selling umbrellas. And of course I'm supposed to appreciate this service.

I'm reminded of my mother's comment to her inlaw's car when it started telling her (in an admittedly pleasant voice) to fasten her seat belt. She said something like "I don't want a car talking to me". My approach to technology may be different from hers, but my attitude toward having technological innovations butting into my life uninvited is pretty much the same.

And that being the case, I suppose that it's not hard to understand that no matter how connected I may be in my daily life, I really don't feel any desire for what seems to be on the verge of becoming one of those next best things - wearable computers.

And though I'm not particularly enamored of them, quite a bit of information is available: here, here and here for starters.

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