Not exactly what I had in mind.

Kevin Warwick has a way of taking things ... well ... a bit farther than I might find desirable. Warwick's logic seems to be, why wear a computer when you can have one implanted into you? In Warwick's case, it's no longer a metaphorical part of him, but truly under his skin*.

Warwick's operation, implanting a "microelectrode array" into his body, received a great deal of hype before it took place in March of 2002. His sensations are sent to a computer which can store them and/or pass them on. At the time Warwick's wife also intended to undergo a similar operation, and in that way they'd truly be able to share their feelings. Of course well before technological breakthroughs of this sort people were trying to tell each other what they felt, but Warwick has undoubtedly taken things a bit farther. He doesn't want to talk about feelings, he wants to transmit those feelings themselves. Is this good for humanity? Well, Warwick's desire is certainly to aid rather than harm humankind. What's the projected benefit of actually transmitting feelings? Well, as Warwick puts it:
the implication could be never faking an orgasm again
though whether or not this is truly something desirable depends on who you are and whom you're with.

Though often he sounds more than just a bit off the wall, Warwick does have credentials. He's Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading. Over the last couple of years he's become something of a cult figure, though not always an admired one. His personal site reports (unapologetically, of course) on his ideas and activities. Other sites (here, or here) are a bit less enthusiastic about these.

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