I know people who swear by their PDAs. Without them they'd be lost. Then again, I know more than a few people who have these mouth-watering status symbols in their pockets, but don't seem to do much with them. Yes, there are phone numbers there, and an appointment or two, but the old trusty appointment book is the place to look for important upcoming events.

It seems to be a case of internalizing the availability of the tool. When you realize that it's not a tool you occasionally turn to, but instead something that becomes an integral component of your thinking (or remembering) process, you may actually put it to real use. At least one study I've come across and bookmarked (though if I could find it I'd obviously link to it here) discovered that people who use PDAs on a regular basis actually become more forgetful - as though through relying on an outside source for storing information they have to rely on themselves less.

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