Making e-mail ... useless.

I mentioned this problem one year ago, though in a different context. For security reasons one of the offices from which I work closed off access to e-mail servers other than its own. In other words, I can receive mail sent to me only on the address supplied by them. Considering that some people know me more by my e-mail address than they do by my name, changing my address (for about two days a week) would cause more identity problems than its worth. It simply became easier to tell people that if I wasn't responding to my mail promptly it was either because I was at the office from which I couldn't access the mail, or because I was avoiding them. There is, of course, the backdoor possibility of checking my mail via one of my web mail accounts, and if I'm expecting something important I'll do just that, but for a while, even this possibility was blocked by the servers of this particular office. But on the whole I've simply learned not to rely on e-mail when I'm at this office.

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