Just how does that saying go?

As usual, sayings of this sort get attributed to many first sources. It seems that the most accepted "first" source was Hiram W. Johnson, a long-time U.S. senator from California, who in 1918 is reported to have said:
The first casualty when war comes is truth.
Then again, others have said similar things, many after him, and at least a couple of others before. The British journal The Guardian even carries a web page that invites readers to post the source with which they're familiar.

Interestingly, though perhaps also predictably, a version of this quote shows up on one of the major revisionist (denial of the Holocaust) sites. Does the fact that the "information" on that site goes beyond being distateful, until it's totally disgusting, mean that it's also not a legitimate source for finding the quote? Does it mean that all of the information found there is tainted?

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