Let me count the ways.

How do I repeat myself?

Well, perhaps first on the list is linking to famous quotes, sayings, or songs. I've done this numerous times, and even if it's to a different poem each time, it's still a form of repeating myself.

There are a number of stories that I've told in these pages more than once, though I admit that at some point I've learned simply to link to the first version, after a short explanation as to how this particular use is actually different.

My own personal web of associations is ... well, by definition it's my own, and even though it's rather broad the chances of my reusing a vignette, a metaphor, a phrase are great. Sometimes I resist the urge to do so, while at other times I'm convinced that repetition is an integral, even positive, aspect of these columns as a whole.

And of course if all that's not enough, I've repeated myself by commenting, almost incessantly, on the fact that I repeat myself. One of the benefits of having full editorial control over a web site (and especially one with - there I go again - limited readership) is that I don't have to tell anyone "stop me if you've heard this one", even if I've actually said it.

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