I doubt that I could have pulled it off.

It's a great idea, but for me rather unfeasible. It might be worth a try, but I'm quite sure that I couldn't succeed.

In an online column such as the Boidem, perhaps the best way to examine the phenomenon of deep linking would be to write an entire column that doesn't contain any offsite links at all. In that way, by a sort of process of elimination perhaps, the point could be made.

But another question also deserves to be asked. Just what does deep mean when someone links "deep within another web site"? Is one level down permissible, but two levels or more not allowed? After all, for those who oppose deep linking it's not the depth that bothers them, but the very fact of bypassing the main page. What's more, in linking, actual depth has no relative meaning. No greater skill, no additional oxygen, no special paraphernalia are required to reach a deeper level. All one has to do is identify the specific page, and, all links being equal, create the link.

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