The buck stops here.

I admit it. I've said this before, but I guess it deserves repeating. I'm the guy who stopped that chain letter, who didn't pass that cute PowerPoint presentation about the meaning of life on to someone I love, who kept that incredibly important petition from reaching a million signatories, and who didn't inform all of my friends about that virus (which was a hoax when it first circulated the web a few years earlier anyway). I'm also probably to blame for some kid not getting the blood transfusion he or she needed.

I prefer to let these unnecessary uses of e-mail stop with me. Of course linking to the KPMG site is something different. It's a cute form of protest rather than a chain letter. There's something about it that seems to invite the reader to get in on the fun. But it's not different enough. It was a good joke while it lasted, but it's a few months old already. Nobody needs me getting on the bandwagon to continue to drive home the point.

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