Who wrote that article, anyway?

I'm happy to give credit where credit is due. The article I've quoted is apparently part of the reading material for a course taught a few years ago by Professor William F. Fischer of the Harvard Law School. I write apparently because the links on the page don't lead back to a functioning main page for a course. That, however, doesn't diminish their worth (though it does make them difficult to access). I found this particular article, and others, through running a Google search on shetland times lawsuit. They were posted on the course's web site as background reading on the issue of deep linking (though it isn't called that on the pages of the course I was able to find). On some of the pages the words "printed with permission" appear, on others they don't. They clearly weren't written by the professor who taught the course, and he apparently had no qualms about posting them on his site. Nor, to my mind, should he.

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