... but making a profit remains the same.

I admit that I don't follow internal industry brokering, but it would appear that the tables have turned a bit. Back then, when Ticketmaster sued Microsoft, Sidewalk was a subsidiary of Microsoft, and Ticketmaster didn't want to let Microsoft take for free what it was selling to CitySearch. From my attempts to identity the main players today (I don't have a scorecard, and it can definitely get a bit confusing) it seems that Sidewalk no longer exists, but instead has been integrated into CitySearch which is owned by Ticketmaster (TMCS Network). But that's not all. When connecting to a particular CitySearch city site the site appears under the banner of the MSN Network. In other words, Ticketmaster runs the CitySearch sites, but Microsoft makes them available to us. Hmmm... Did I get that right? It's a fair guess that no deep linking problems are involved in this arrangement. They've undoubtedly signed agreements and everybody is getting a piece of the action.

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